Discover 4 Ways Coloring Books Are Good For You: Escape Into Fantasy And Fun!


Coloring books have been enjoyed all over the world for longer than you might imagine – in fact the first coloring books are believed to date back to the 1800s! However, it is only relatively recently that we have come to understand the many benefits of coloring. So much so, in fact, that today the pleasure of coloring pages is enjoyed not only by children, but by adults too! Aside from the satisfaction of being creative with a palette of our choosing, we now recognize the power of coloring for stress relief, anxiety release, and a wide range of other benefits.

During this time of social distancing due to Covid-19, many are experiencing feelings of stress, loneliness, or anxiousness. Coloring something cool and fun like the Robot Runway®️ Fashion Coloring Book can help! Dipping into a coloring book offers a low cost, healthy stress and anxiety buster for children and adults alike. If you, or someone you love, would enjoy a simple way to unwind – that also stimulates the imagination – the Robot Runway®️ Fashion Coloring Book is a great place to start!

A Bounty Of Benefits For Kids

You’re probably aware that most children love nothing more than getting creative with crayons. But, did you also know that coloring books provide a rainbow-like array of physical and mental benefits too? Applying crayons to coloring pages allows small minds to relax and release emotions. Getting engaged with staying inside the lines helps developing kids to build greater concentration and focus. It helps them increase their awareness of the colors and shapes they interact with every day.

From a physical standpoint, coloring books help children to develop their fine motor skills faster. Getting absorbed in all that attention-to-detail improves their hand-eye coordination, and enhances their spatial awareness. Meanwhile, picking new and exciting color combinations lets kids to tap into their creativity, and self-expression.

Because every child’s coloring style is different, each coloring book is an opportunity for unique masterpieces! With this in mind, every page of the Robot Runway®️ Fashion Coloring Book is one-sided. This means that each vibrant creation can be proudly displayed when it’s complete!

A Boost In Well-Being For Adults

Up until the arrival of the new Millennium, most adults had no idea what they were missing out on in the world of coloring books! Since then, however, coloring for stress relief and simple relaxation has become a truly trendy pastime. When we explore the rewards of coloring books for adults, it’s not hard to understand why!

Coloring offers an impressive alternative to yoga and meditation. In fact, psychologist Dr. Stan Rodski from Melbourne, Australia, found that only “five minutes of colouring a day is enough to get the same effect on the brain as about an hour worth of conventional meditation.” Not only are coloring books an affordable, modern self-help tool, but they can help us save time too. No wonder so many grownups are reaching for the colored pencils these days!

Perhaps the success of coloring for stress relief can be connected with the way it stimulates our frontal lobe. This area of the brain helps us problem solve and make good judgment calls. It’s also where our creative thinking and even our personality find their roots! We activate this part of our minds when we escape into the playful fantasy world of coloring. With the Robot Runway®️ Fashion Coloring Book, you can experience a thrilling collision of fashion and robots that nourishes your own neural network!

A Super-powered Study Aid For Students

The benefits of coloring books have been officially endorsed by the American Art Therapy Association, thanks to the practices positive contribution to people of all ages. In the case of students, research show that pulling out their coloring pages can help college kids to focus. A study from the association on undergraduate students revealed that coloring for stress relief was not only effective for students, but offered additional bonuses.

The act of coloring helped the students steer clear of negative thoughts. In fact, today, coloring has become so accepted in Universities that many allow students to bring their coloring books to lectures. It would seem that coloring helps students follow along better, rather than serving as a distraction!

Chilled Out Coloring To Banish Insomnia


Many of us wish that we could improve the quality of our sleep. Not getting enough Zs has been associated with a negative impact on health, and higher risk of depression. This is probably why coloring books have become an in-vogue activity just before bed time! If you often succumb to the temptation of reaching for your smartphone or tablet just before bed, your habit is probably having a negative impact on your sleep.

The blue light from screens has been shown to slow down the body’s evening production of melatonin. This vital brain chemical is what signals our bodies to go into rest-and-repair mode. A fantastic alternative to scrolling through your feeds in the evening is reaching for a copy of the Robot Runway®️ Fashion Coloring Book. The vivacious characters that fill the pages are an entirely different kind of android, exhibiting a truly funky kind of vogue!

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Robot Runway® is a fun, futuristic fantasy brand that features an alternate universe where robots rule the fashion runway. It finds its influences in anime, fashion and a dash of kawaii culture. The Robot Runway®️ Fashion Coloring Book is a very special part of its stylish and energetic collection! Our products include the Robot Runway® Fashion Coloring Book and Soundtrack, as well as apparel, accessories, and gift items. Why not harness the positive power of coloring for stress relief, creativity, play and much, much more!

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